Dintorni di Tirano

Tirano is famous for having the station of the train, Little Red Train of Bernina, which heads up to St Moritz.

Spectacular scenery can be viewed along the route.

Tirano is the starting point for Reen cyclist and bikers.The region of Valtellina is a place torelax and enjoj yourself. There are many local products, suchas the "pizzoccheri", to taste.

You are close to the mountains, Passo del "Bernina" and "Mortirolo". Continue on to Passo dello Stelvio and Gavia. It is the startinf point fo the cycling tour "Giro d'Italia".

Tirano is not only about the "Little red train of Bernina"

Easy exscursions.


Exscursions of medium difficulty


Excursions requiring high levels of fitness and skill